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Feedback on London Heathrow International Airport

This message was also submitted to Heathrow customer service website:

Where do I start? Lets start with landing. After de-planing I have to get on a bus (which sucks, but ok) and then this bus drives 30 (!!!!) minutes to get to the right terminal.

Then getting into the terminal there are people standing randomly in the hallways telling me to keep moving? Are you trying to cause people to be stressed? It doesn’t help much in a straight hallway with only 1 way to go…

Then we arrive at this weird extra security line that makes me walk through 10 zigzag lines before getting to the desk, which is ONLY SLIGHTLY less annoying than waiting in that same line  when multiple flights arrive at the same time in which case it takes 90 minutes minimum.

Then there are suddenly 2 escalators (2 escalators taking care of a hall with capacity of 5000 people!) to of course arrive in yet ANOTHER main security line in terminal 5, which handles ALL security for everyone in the ENTIRE terminal 1 by 1 . If the metal detector goes off. The ENTIRE line stops. Person gets frisked (while entire line waits) and then person goes through it again. If this doesn’t take up enough time, if there is anything in your bag that needs further investigation. You have to wait in line for all bags to be manually searched 1 by 1 !!!!! and then the fun isnt over. There is no gate displayed until 30 minutes before departure. So you wait for the big screen that shows gates (some have blue-screens-of-death??) . however even 15 minutes before my departure time the screen STILL DONT SHOW MY GATE. This even though Terminal 5 has 4 sections connected by a train!!!! Causing huge stress as to not get to my gate in time. Then theres the internet which used to by paid for, now you get 45 minutes free, except that NOONE WOULD EVER pass through your airport in less then 45 minutes because of the above mentioned issues.

No power plugs anywhere except all bundled at this crazy poles where theres 25 people sitting around it. The food is shitty, nowhere to sit down calmly. and then theres the employee’s who are constantly working on selling NO to people. Everytime i pass through heaththrow theres people yelling and screaming at British Airways personell about being unwilling to help.

All in all just the worst airport i know in the entire world. Sad to say, i travel 250 days a year, and really you’ve done the worst possible job organizing your airport. Shame on you.

Montreal Trudeau Airport

Noisy, Busy, chaotic and bureaucratic but actually quite quick to pass through security (not sure how they do it.)

Also security makes an effort to be quite friendly/humorus!

The wifi seems to be great all around the airport.

A modest but decent selection of hang-out/restaurants and shops.
(just being in A terminal so far)

Bathrooms are decently clean regardless of the chaos that seemingly is ubiquitous.

All in all a pretty damn good airport!

p.s. They even have nice onsite car rental and hotels.


Coca Cola’s literal Marketing DreamWorld that create a ‘romantic escape’ around a product to induce demand.

Adidas created a “cool”, “high tech”, “super star” dreamworld to spark demand for new soccer shoes.

"Think Different" Commercial by Apple.

Designed to sketch a ‘perfect world’ of geniuses that future apple users should want to be part of.

Dodge RAM Marketing: Creating a tough, manly, dreamworld that is designed to be attractive to target audience men

Marketing: Creating a  simple (romantic) dreamworld around a product to spark and generate demand that was not there before.